Local residents in Rathmolyon have stepped up their campaign to save their local post office this week with the postage of 35 letters to An Post’s Independent Reviewer and elected representatives. The letters are asking for the recent decision to close Rathmolyon Post Office to be reversed.

The campaign to Save Rathmoloyon Post Office has been driven by local community objectors Siobhan O’Brien and Leanne Burke over the past three weeks. Volunteers have canvassed the Rathmoloyon area, raising awareness of the issue and speaking with residents who are disappointed and angry with the decision to close the Post Office.

Siobhan said:

“Everyone was hugely supportive of the campaign as you can see from the dozens upon dozens of signatures we have collected among letters and emails been sent. I think this shows just how important the post office is in our community and how much people want it to remain open.”

While campaigners accept that the post office will not re-open in its old location they point to local shop-owner Christy Ryan who has come out and said he is prepared to offer many of the old services of the post office if the support is there. This proposal would support An Post’s own strategy to co-locate postal services in existing shops and community buildings where possible, as an alternative to closing them.

Siobhan concludes:

“It is a sad day as we are posting the letters from the only remaining symbol of the postal service in the village, its post box. We hope that common sense prevails and those in positions of power realise that post offices like Rathmolyon do have a future and are needed to help sustain rural villages like our own. The population of Rathmolyon has doubled since 2006. We need more services, not less.’’