Terms, Conditions, Policies & GDPR.

We reserve the right to change these terms, conditions and policies at any time without warning, please read over them regularly while working with us or using this website.
You agree to all the below terms, conditions and policies by working with us or using this website.

If you have questions, queries or concerns contact us.

  • Meath Daily TV All work carried out and displayed on Meath Daily TV’s website and social media is copyrighted and specific permissions for usage may be required. Please contact us if in any doubt.
  • Cancellations
    Dates for the shooting of video are agreed upon in advance and confirmed by you and us.
    If you have to cancel with us please contact us at least 72 hours before the shoot.
    –We reserve the right to refuse service under any circumstances and no reason has to be provided.
    – We reserve the right to remove any media content from Meath Daily TV’s channel under any circumstances and without notice or reason.
  • Copyright
    we operate a fair copyright policy. We believe in fair use of artistic and creative works. All TV features displayed within our website and on social media channels are owned by us and may not be downloaded, copied or used in any way whatsoever – without our expressed permissions.
    You may not take screen shots; use our logos, show names, graphics, posters, gifs, images or any other media within our channel, website or any other media under our umbrella.
  • Care and Damage to Client’s Property
    Whilst every care will always be taken in the handling of your property while filming for a TV feature, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, however caused, or any other loss or damage by unforeseen circumstances whilst we are on your premises or in the custody of them.
  • Fair Usage
    No business or organisation may use our videos for self-promotion without expressed consent from us. This includes excessive Social Media usage, featuring of our video on websites or YouTube and internally. Contact us to discuss the terms of usage.
  • Video Advertisements
    We reserve the right to display advertisements on any and all of our TV features without exception. The types of advertisement within our TV features are solely at the discretion of the channel.
  • Confidentiality
    Unless otherwise agreed we will treat all information gained from or about you during the shooting of our TV features as being private and confidential unless the welfare of children, vulnerable people or animals is at risk. You also agree to keep confidential any information gained from or about us during our shoots.
  • Creativity and Artistic License
    Interviewees, clubs, organisations and any other group that appears within our TV features do not hold any right to decide how our TV features are created or edited, or any other creative decisions. We do not amend TV features unless a mistake or a misrepresentation has occurred that may cause damage. We don’t make cosmetic changes.
    We accept no responsibility for any damage whatsoever, caused by any TV feature we’ve released. By participating in a TV feature in any way, allowing us to interview you or giving permissions for your event/organisation/club to participate in our TV feature – you are accepting these terms.
  • Data Protection
    You must ensure that all necessary arrangements have been made with, and permissions obtained from, people and places that may be videoed as a result of us filming a TV feature with you, and that such recording is in compliance with Data Protection. You must notify those attending the video shoot that they may be recorded on video and that by attendance they give their consent to being part of the finished production for Meath Daily TV.


We travel the County filming various sporting events and matches. Below are our terms and conditions:

  • We do NOT release footage of matches or sporting events we’ve filmed to clubs, individuals or any other person or body for any reason whatsoever. Our unused footage is destroyed after filming and may not be downloaded or used for any purpose whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to disciplinary matters, match analysis or injury.
    If you’d like footage for analysis or promotional purposes – please contact us prior to filming and we’ll forward our price list.
  • Do not take stills, download or copy our TV coverage in any way. Our features are copyrighted content and as such fall under law. Illegal copiers are liable for prosecution.
  • As a journalistic enterprise we rely on advertising revenue to keep the lights on at Meath Daily TV. If you’d like a sporting event or match promoted, this falls under advertising – please contact us in advance for our price list and options.
    We do not broadcast footage of possible disciplinary issues or incidents.
    Footage may only be released if it is specifically applied for by your sporting governing body. This footage can only be applied for if it is pertaining to a disciplinary issue – not general use, analysis or any other reason whatsoever. If this is the case, application must happen within 3 days of said game/event or the footage will have been erased.


While working with us we may need to collect data about you and your participation in our shows/events/work.

The data we directly collect from you while participating in one of our shows is:
Your full name and position if applicable
Phone Number
Your consent
 to be filmed and appear on Meath Daily TV, all of its social media platforms and any agents or websites/channels acting on the behalf of Meath Daily TV.

We collect your name to display within our shows/features/events, and we collect your number and address just in case we need to contact you about that participation. Sometimes we have important questions before or after a show airs – so we need a reliable way of contacting you. Sometimes an issue may arise from appearing within one of our shows or TV features, and that can mean we need to contact you without delay.

Your name and position in a group/place or event is the only information we make public, such as on a lower third within a TV feature. We never make your address and phone number public. This information is securely filed and only used in the eventuality we need to contact you. We keep this data until the TV feature you appear in is taken down. We may need to contact you even if a considerable amount of time has elapsed. We may also contact you directly to collaborate with us again.
Your data is never sold or given to a 3rd party. We keep your data strictly for the purposes of running Meath Daily TV’s channel.

Meath Daily TV’s channel uses Google Analytics and cookies to track visits and browsing. As a result Meath Daily TV is a data controller.
The data collected by Google Analytics on our behalf is anonymous. Google Analytics do not track individuals and identify them to us. You’re anonymous when browsing our TV channel.

This data collected by Google Analytics about our website users on our behalf is:
General location of visitors
General age and gender of visitors
Time and date of visits
Time spent on particular pages
Bounce rate (how quickly someone left our website)
How long a visitor stayed on our site
What pages were viewed
From what platform the visitor came from, ie: Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

This data is used to tailor our channel and services, and to validate the channel as an advertising platform to potential advertisers and sponsors.

This data is kept securely on Google’s Servers and on our own website. This data is used solely for the purposes of analyzing traffic to our site, which is essential for revenue generation and improving our services.

All data we collect about you is securely stored. Only authorized employees have access to your data.
You have the right to obtain a copy of the data we hold about you. You also have the right to request deletion of the data we hold about you.

If any of the above is unclear, or you’ve a question – contact us