Auctioneera, a fixed price estate agency, has released what it claims is Ireland’s most comprehensive property price register. Since 2010, the actual sales price of every residential property in Ireland is published in the Property Price Register which is available online for anyone who wishes to use.

Eddie O’Driscoll
Director of Auctioneera
Eddie O’Driscoll

However, while the core concept of a transparent record of residential sales prices is a laudable one, its execution represents a substantial missed opportunity, according to Eddie O’Driscoll of Auctioneera. “The problem with the register is that so much crucial and basic data is missing. It simply lists an address, the price and the date of the transaction. For example, you can’t search for the prices of two bed apartments or three bed semi-detached houses in your area. Until now.”

O’Driscoll and is team have started to build their own version of the register which is available at the Auctioneera website here. “We have painstakingly gone through the over 2500 transactions in January 2019 and added property type, number of rooms, square footage and a link to the property’s listing on Daft, MyHome or any other website where we could find it listed. While we simply cannot get the information on all of the properties on the register, we are typically getting this data for 65-70% of the transactions in a month.” This makes the register at the Auctioneera website by far the most complete database of property transactions in Ireland, according to O’Driscoll.

“For example, you can log onto our register and search for three bed semi-detached properties that sold in Meath in January 2019. You can see the sales prices and even click through to their Daft / MyHome listing. We think this will become the go to register for fellow estate agents and anyone with an interest in the Irish property market. We are working continually to get more data into our register with our focus being on the most recent transactions.” Our goal is to play our part in creating a totally transparent, fair property market to the benefit of all and we think a more comprehensive property price register certainly helps in that regard.