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Monday, March 25, 2019

Commit to be fit

COMMIT TO BE FIT Ep 4 – Meath Daily TV

It was a tough week for our participants - a little weight gained by most and everyone at least stayed the same. Let's see...

COMMIT TO BE FIT – Ep 3 – Meath Daily TV

Week 3 of Meath's first and only reality TV show - COMMIT TO BE FIT!

COMMIT TO BE FIT Ep 2 – Meath Daily TV

Well into week 2 our participants are doing great! Bad weather, flu and other issues aren't even strong enough to derail our guys and...

Commit To Be Fit – Ep 1 – Meath Daily TV

It's the first week for our participants - and what a week it was! They were weighed and measured, and had their first two...